How to make Google Web Stories on WordPress Blog in 2022

Welcome friends, I hope all of you are doing really good. Today in this blog, I am gonna tell you how to make Google Web Stories on your WordPress blog. If you are struggling to get traffic on your newly launched blog, I strongly suggest making web stories. Because this will help you to drive a lot of traffic and rank your blog post on Google.

When I started blogging there were no such magical options to grow our blog quickly. But you are lucky that you have an option called Google Web Stories. Simply use this feature as much as possible. Because only a few bloggers are currently using this. Also, I have noticed that Google is pushing this feature. That’s why many new bloggers are getting millions of traffic within 7-8 days or one month after creating their new blog.

I have also created a few web stories and that helped me to drive traffic and get affiliate sales. There is no guarantee that your blog will get millions of views within a few days. But I can assure you that if you create quality web stories on already published blogs then they will get more engagement than your normal blog posts.

You can create a Google Web Story using two methods. Such as the Google Web Story plugin and website. Both of these two have some advantages and disadvantages. I will tell you more about these two options later in this post.

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Google Web Stories

We all know Instagram stories, WhatsApp stories and Facebook stories and we all are using them in our regular life too. Many of us use videos, text or images on our social media stories. Google Web Stories is also a similar feature like this. Bloggers can create a web story using or the web story plugins.

Mobile users can see a web story on their Google app home section. Normally a person will get to see a web story related to their searches. I have noticed that regional content creators and especially finance creators get a lot of views from this feature.


There are a lot of bloggers whose WordPress blog AdSense approved within a week just after publishing 8-10 blogposts and 20-30+ Google Web Stories. But it does not mean that you will get AdSense approval just after publishing 7-8 blogposts. You need to create quality content with consistency. The more users come to your blog organically the more your chances are.

How To Make Google Web Stories

As I already mentioned you can create a Google Web Story on your Blogger or WordPress Blog. I don’t have any free blogger blogs. So unfortunately I can’t tell you the exact process to create a Web Story on Blogger. But if you have a WordPress blog then you can surely follow the below-mentioned process to create awesome web stories.


You can create web stories for your WordPress blog using the MakeStories website or the Web Story plugin. I personally use the second option. So let’s start with it.

Web Story Plugin

I personally feel this is the best method to create web stories on your WordPress blog. Why I am telling this, you will know later in this post. First, tell me the exact process to create web stories on your blog.

  • First of all, go to the plugins section.
  • Search ”Web Stories” plugin.
  • Install and activate the ”Web Stories” plugin.
  • Now tap on to the ”Stories” option.
  • Tap on the ”Create New Stories” option.
  • Now add title, images, video, text or template to get started.
  • Duplicate pages to create multiple pages web stories.
  • Tap on the + option to add more pages and add your blog links on pages.
  • Use your creativity to get more engagements and clicks.
  • If you have done, then press the ”Publish” button.

Web Stories Plugin Settings

You have to change some settings on the plugin. So that your web stories rank on Google.

  • First of all, open the ”Stories” option.
  • Tap on the ”Settings” option.
  • Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID.
  • Enter your Publisher Logo if you wish.
  • If you want then add custom fonts.
  • Finally, tap on the ”Monetization” option.
  • Enter your Google AdSense Publisher ID and Slot ID.

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Make Stories

Honestly speaking, I did not use this tool for my blogs. Every time I created a Google Web Stories, I used the Web Stories plugin. But I know how to make web stories using Make Stories. So let’s find out how to create this.

This process has some great advantages and some limitations. If you want to use these extra advantages then it’s good. But if you want not to use the limitations then don’t use this method. That’s why I don’t use this feature.

  • Create a MakeStory account.
  • Make a story by clicking on the ‘create story’ option.
  • Use Settings to change its settings.
  • Click View or Publish to see or share it with your audiences.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of MakeStories

As I have already said, MakeStories has some limitations and some cool features. If you want to use many inbuilt templates, more graphics, PNGs etc then you can surely use this tool.

I researched a lot before going to publish my first web story. There I have found some great features that attract me to choose the MakeStory option. But suddenly I noticed that if your blog is not an AMP version then you can not use this.

And honestly, I don’t like to use the AMP version blog anymore. Because during my initial days of blogging, I suffered a lot with this. That’s why I still use the normal Google Web Stories plugin. Which is working for me nicely.

FAQs: Google Web Stories

1. What are web stories in blogging?

This is a new feature. It’s like Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp stories. Here you can create awesome stories with multiple slides and using images, text, graphics, animations or videos. This feature will help you to show your blog in front of a huge audience.

2. Is Google web stories free?

Yes, you can make a google web story for free using plugins like web story and makestory.

3. Where can I find web stories?

You will get to see web stories on your Android or iOS Google app homepage section.

4. Are Google web stories good for SEO?

A lot of bloggers are getting huge traffic with this feature. So, if you use this feature then your blog will also get some extra traffic easily. Thus, it is good for SEO.

5. How long does a Web Story last?

If you have created a web story for your blog then it will be live until you delete it. There is no time limit on it like WhatsApp has 24 hours.

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