How To Start a Blog in 2022

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Over the last few days, I’ve been getting a lot of requests from LinkedIn to tell me in detail how to blog. But the problem is that it is not possible to explain to everyone by personal message. So I started this new blog where I will share my blogging experience.

You can start blogging for free or for a small investment. I always suggest starting a blog by investing a few dollars for a year. Because if you want to do professional work, you have to make a small investment in the beginning.

If you invest a few dollars and start blogging, you will have a lot of free time. Because you don’t have to code or something like this. All you can set up through a simple drag and drop process. So you will spend a lot of free time writing content or researching for your next content.

When I started blogging I didn’t have any web development or website designing skills. But I didn’t panic. I set up my first blog after watching YouTube videos and reading tutorial blogs.

You can set up your blog in just 30 minutes after reading this ”How To Start a Blog in 2022” post. You can also set up a blog on your mobile if you want. But having a PC or laptop will be of great benefit. So let’s take a look at how to start a blog.

Who Can Start a Blog

When we think of starting something new, we think can we do it, if we don’t get success then what happens etc. These questions come into our lives when we are admitted to a new college or go to a new place for a job or an opportunity comes.

Many people succeed by relying on their own ability and many people blame their own destiny for not being able to adapt to the situation. When I started blogging I had this question in my mind but I worked on my own and today I earn 7 figures from blogging.

Now the question is who can start a blog and who can not. So the simple answer to this question is everyone can start a blog. There is no age limit, no required qualification or enough money, heavy gadgets etc. You can start a blog from your Smartphone for free too.

But I always suggest starting a blog on WordPress instead of the free blogger or something like this. Yes, you can rank a blog hosted on free blogger too if you have purchased a custom domain for it. But you have to do a lot of extra technical work. This will take a lot of time. Instead of this, if you start a blog on WordPress then you can save those time and use it to produce more content. The more content you publish the more you will earn.

Why Start a Blog

Different people have different reasons for starting a blog. The reason I started blogging may not match yours. But one reason everyone agrees is money. If blogging could not make money then maybe people would not write blogs just for their happiness or to follow their passion.

When someone starts a new blog there is no revenue from it. But slowly the earnings from that blog started to come. I think Blogging also works as the Power of Compounding.

In the beginning, we earn much less than we spend on blogging or writing articles. But gradually the revenue from that blog continues to grow. This is because after some time we earn money from our old articles and fresh articles at the same time.

In the beginning, we have only a few articles. So there is no revenue from it. But if you write 30 articles every month and among these only 2 ranked on Google’s top page then after one year you will gave 24 top articles ranked on Google’s top pages from your 365 articles in a year.

Thus you will earn money in the last month of the year from your one-year-old articles too. You just need to add some fresh information to it, just to make it up to date. This is the beauty of blogging. This is why everyone wants to start a blog.

How To Start a Blog

To start a blog you need good writing skills, language knowledge, enough money to spend in your pocket, expensive gadgets etc. Do you think these are right? Absolutely not. To start a blog you need nothing. You can start a blog and simply publish content without any fear.

Until you make mistakes, you won’t learn the actual process of how blogging works. So it’s better to make mistakes and move forward. When I started my blogging journey I did a lot of mistakes and after improving myself I am at this stage.

I have already mentioned you can start a blog without spending a single rupee. But as per my experience, in 2022 that won’t work. Although a lot of people still run a blog on Blogger and make revenue out of it. I don’t know the secret, so I can’t tell you this.

I have some knowledge about WordPress, so let me tell you how to start a blog on WordPress. Open your laptop and keep your Debit or Credit card alongside you to follow the process.

1. Pick a blog topicSelect your blog topic on which you want to write content.
2. Purchase Domain & HostingIn order to start blogging, purchase your blog domain and hosting.
3. Install WordPressInstall CMS like WordPress on your blog.
4. Install ThemeInstall a free or paid theme on your blog so that it looks professional.
5. Customize blog layoutDesign your blog beautifully so that it looks professional.
6. Publish your first blogWrite your first blog and publish it.
7. Add to Search ConsoleAdd your blog URL to Google Search Console.
8. Monetize your blogAdd Google AdSense, Affiliate Link etc to earn money from your blog.
9. Drive traffic and boost earningShare your blog URL to social media and drive traffic to boost your earnings.

1. Choose a Blogging Niche

Before you start a blog, you need to fix the topic of the blog. Noone can write content on all topics. And in 2022, it is very tough to rank a broad niche blog. So everyone should choose a specific topic and set up a blog.

For your information, if you write a blog on a topic like finance, hosting or loan, you can earn a lot of money. But the thing is, everyone can not write a blog on every topic. You will have to that on which category you have the most interest in or you are good at.

In some niches, you can make more money, in some niches you can make less money. But the thing is, if you choose a niche just seeing it has good earning options, you can not become a good blogger. Because blogging is all about patience, consistency and quality content. Without an interest in a particular niche, you can’t write quality content consistently for a long time.

High CPC Blog Niches

It is almost impossible to make content for any category for you. But I am assuming that you are gonna do that. So in this case, you have to know those niches in which you will get the best CPC from Google AdSense and high commission on affiliate sales.

  • Insurance.
  • Loans.
  • Mortgage.
  • Credit.
  • Lawyer.
  • Attorney.
  • Hosting.
  • Trading.
  • Software.
  • Health.
  • Gas / Electricity.
  • Degree.
  • Donate.
  • Claim.

These are some niches or keywords on which you can make a blog. If you have expertise in any of these niches then there are high chances you are going to earn more money with a few visitors also. But please don’t try to make content if you are not an expert. Because these are highly competitive niches also. It already has many popular blogs. TO beat them is a really tough job for any new bloggers.

2. Buy a Domain Name

The first step in starting a blog is to get a domain. You can get domain names for your blog from different companies like GoDaddy, Namecheap etc. You can buy a domain name for one year, two years or three years. If you choose the longer duration then the lower your price will be. Usually, the cost of a domain name for one year is about $10.

You don’t have to rush to buy a domain name. You have to take a domain after researching a lot. First thing first, you have to decide on a niche. Gone are those days when you could write everything on one single blog. But now it is very difficult to grow those types of blogs.


First, you have to choose a niche. Niche means topic. For example, if you are passionate about laptops or cameras then if you choose a domain name like or then it could be better for you. Because your niche is already in your domain.

Always try to buy a .com Domain instead of a .in or a or something else. Because it is my personal experience that .com domains perform better. You can easily buy a domain name if it is not already bought by someone else. Simply go to any website like GoDaddy, search for your domain name, make payment using Debit Card and then buy your first domain name.

3. Buy a Hosting Plan

Hosting means where you store all the data of your blog. You can’t upload as much data as you want on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook without hosting. Not only that there are several things to look for when selecting a hosting plan for your blog. You can buy a Hosting plan from different hosting providers like Hostgator, A2 Hosting, Bluehost etc. I am currently using A2hosting for my all blogs.

If you don’t choose a good hosting, you can have many problems in the future. During the initial days, you can’t feel it. But once you start posting content on your blog you will notice that it is taking a lot of time to load a single webpage. Also, if hundreds of traffic come to your blog at the same time then your blog will crash or take too much time to load.

4. Connect Domain with Hosting

So, you have bought your first domain and hosting. Now it is time to add both of these. If you have purchased your Domain and Hosting from the same provider then it will be done automatically. Otherwise, you have to go to the hosting provider’s website and there you have to add your domain name. Once you complete this process, go back to the domain provider and then change the DNS name. Wait for 24 to 48 hours. You will get an Email saying your DNS has changed successfully. That’s it, you have successfully connected your domain with hosting.


5. Install WordPress

Now you are ready to make your blog public. Just do one thing. You need to install WordPress on your blog, and then your blog will be visible on Google.

You can install WordPress on your blog through the Hosting provider’s website with one click. It will take a few minutes. There you have to add an email id, admin user id and password. You have to remember these details in order to access your blog.

Once WordPress is installed on your blog, simply go to the blog URL and check whether it is running or not. To add plugins, posts, categories, and pages simply tap on yourblogname/wp-admin and then log in with your user id and password.

6. Install a Theme

Without adding a theme your blog will not look professional. But it is also true that beginners can not afford a premium theme for their blog from the starting days. In this case, you can find some free themes that look likes premium and help your blog to look like professional.


Some of the best and free themes are GeneratePress, Astra, OceanWP etc. These themes have both free and paid versions. During the starting days, the free version can do wonders for you. Later if you think your blog is showing results then you can go for a paid version of it.

I use GeneratePress on my every blog. Because it is a lightweight theme and has a lot of features. This theme cost around $49 a year. If you have an affiliate blog then I strongly suggest you go for this theme. Because I don’t think there is any better affiliate theme available.

7. Customize Your Blog

Once a theme is installed on your blog now it’s time to customize your blog. The more you customize and add details to your blog the more it looks professional. To customize your blog you can take help or inspiration from other bloggers or my other blog TECHSUVAM.

During customizing your blog, please try to add all the categories as your header, pages in the footer section and useful articles in the sidebar and footer sections. So that users can find all the relevant content in one place.

8. Write Your First Blog

The most important part of blogging is content writing. Without writing content you can not become a blogger. So after installing a theme on your WordPress blog it’s time to write your first blog. You can write a blog on different topics like finance, blogging, technology, gadgets etc. But it’s better to start a blog on your preferred niche. Don’t write content by looking at someone’s success. A lot of people ask me what is the ideal length of content. Actually, there is no ideal length of content. If content can be made with 300 words then it is the ideal length of 3000 words can not be enough. It depends on what type of content you are writing.

But I always feel if anyone has created content on a particular topic with 2000 words and if you also want to make a blogpost on that then it’s better to write at least 2001 words article.

9. Submit Blog on Google Search Console

After starting a blog your focus should be to get traffic. And Google is the biggest traffic source. To gain organic traffic from Google you need to add your blog to the Google search console.

You can manually index your new blog post or remove old articles from Google using this tool.
I said many times that you have to optimise your articles using related keywords. You can check which keywords your blog is ranking using the search console.

It is a very simple process but many people found difficult to do this. You can verify your website on the Google search console using HTML TAG, Theme edit and many other options.

Once your blog is verified by the Google search console, you can add your new blog link there and Google will automatically index your blog in a quick time. Also, you can check which keyword your blog is ranking in which position.

10. Drive Traffic

The last but not the least one is to drive traffic. Because this is our ultimate goal to start a Blog. You can drive traffic from different tools like YouTube, social media, web stories etc.

In my case, every time I create a new blog, I use YouTube a lot to drive traffic. But now you can make Google Web Stories drive a lot of traffic. My blog didn’t get so much traffic. But I have noticed a lot of new bloggers are getting a lot of free traffic from this web story feature. Also, it will help you to rank your blog on the Google Discover feed.

FAQs: Start a Blog

1. How to start a blog for free?

You can start a blog for free on Blogger, Wix or site. Apart from these, you can also write content on LinkedIn, Medium or Quora.

2. How can a beginner start blogging?

If you are a beginner and want to start a blog then don’t think too much. Just make content and learn from your mistakes. Blogging is not difficult. Creating content for a longer period is difficult. So always focus on your blog and maintain consistency.

3. Do beginner bloggers make money?

Yes definitely. If you are writing content in a low-competitive niche then you can surely make money from your new blog. But if you are working in a highly competitive niche then it’s too difficult to make money from the starting month.

4. Can I start blogging with no money?

Yes, you can start blogging with no money on a free blogger. I feel it’s better to start a blog on free blogger rather than, Wix or some free sites like these.

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